Below you will find a number of resources that are useful to our Occasional Teachers.

  1. Welcome to ETFO
  2. Employee Assistance Program
  3. ETFO Member Guides
  4. Pay Schedule and OT Timesheet
  5. Start Times for Schools
  6. Member Discounts

Welcome to ETFO

Welcome to ETFO (PDF, 3 MB) is a resource for all new members who have recently joined ETFO. This resource was developed to provide you with helpful information as you begin your teaching career. It outlines the work of our organization as well as the services available to you.

Employee Assistance Program

Algoma District School Board provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to all employees and their dependents. The TELUS Health EAP provides confidential consultation and counselling, as well as wellness information/resources on a range of work and family matters (life, family, money, work, health).

Employees and their dependents have access to this no-cost, confidential service. For more information, access the EAP Information Brochure (PDF, 2 MB).

Last updated January 2024.

ETFO Member Guides

The Member’s Guide to Employment Insurance (PDF, 2 MB) is a resource that provides general advice for members who require access to regular or special EI benefits. Last updated June 2022.

The Guide to Pregnancy and Parental Leave (PDF, 780 KB) provides detailed information for those members preparing for the birth or adoption of a child. Last updated January 2023.

Our AOTL Checklist for Pregnancy & Parental Leaves (PDF, 184 KB) will assist you as you plan for your new addition. Last updated September 2022.

Pay Schedule and OT Timesheet

2023-24 OT Pay Schedule (PDF, 523 KB) 2023-24 OT Pay Schedule (PDF, 523 KB) Blank OT Timesheet (PDF, 169 KB) Blank OT Timesheet (PDF, 169 KB)

Start Times for Schools

2023-24 School Start Times (PDF, 687 KB) 2023-24 School Start Times (PDF, 687 KB)

Member Discounts

Teaching brings personal rewards, but there are other benefits that come to you and your family, such as discounts on merchandise and services. With EdvantagePerks and MemberPerks, you can save on cellphones, gym memberships, paint, travel, theatre tickets, shoes, furniture, and more.