World Teachers’ Day 2023

We’d like to wish a happy World Teachers’ Day to our amazing ETFO occasional teachers and other local educators! You tirelessly provide our students quality opportunities to grow into the very best they can be.

THANK YOU for all you do as the heartbeat of public education here in Algoma District!

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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation stands as a vital milestone in our collective journey toward healing and understanding. It serves as a poignant reminder of the historical injustices inflicted upon Indigenous communities and the need for acknowledgment, reflection, and meaningful change.

This day is a call to action, encouraging all Canadians to engage in dialogue, educate themselves about the past, and commit to building a more inclusive and equitable future. By recognizing the truths of our shared history and honoring Indigenous voices, we can pave the way for genuine reconciliation and forge a stronger, more harmonious nation together.

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Attention FSL Teachers: Free OMLTA Membership

The Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association is offering fully subsidized, one-year OMLTA memberships to all school board-employed FSL teachers in Ontario.  Teachers are eligible if they:

  • are assigned to teach FSL (with or without FSL teaching qualifications);
  • are interested in teaching FSL; or,
  • support FSL teachers in a board role:  consultants, coordinators, etc.

If this opportunity interests you, please forward your name and contact information to Nancy Rancourt, FSL System Administrator (ac.no1701633832.bsda1701633832@nuoc1701633832nar1701633832) by Thursday, June 29.

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ADSB Student Dress Guidelines Consultation

ADSB has developed draft student dress guidelines, which are intended to be used as school student dress codes starting in September 2023. You can view a recorded presentation here.

The Board is looking for your feedback. Feedback will be collected through ThoughtExchange until Thursday, May 25. In ThoughtExchange, you can provide your thoughts on the questions asked, and can also review and rate the thoughts of others.

For more information, including instructions on how to access ThoughtExchange, please review the email sent to you from the Local office.

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50-Day Reemployment Rule Increase

Are you currently in receipt of pension?  The Ontario Teachers’ Federation has agreed to temporarily increase the 50-day reemployment rule to 95-days until June 30, 2023. 

This measure will help in a limited manner to address some of the teacher shortages we’re currently experiencing in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

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ADSB Migration to Simplication

ADSB has now migrated to Apply To Education’s Simplication platform at for job postings and daily assignment callouts.

To view and apply to job postings, update your availability calendar, and accept daily call-outs, you must log in to your account at  

Use the same username and password that you used for your Apply To Education account.  The only thing that has changed is that you now log in through a new website URL.  We recommend that you update your browser bookmarks and password manager apps.

For technical assistance, please contact ATE Mon-Fri from 7:30am to 7:00pm at 1-877-900-5627 or by email at moc.n1701633832oitac1701633832udeot1701633832ylppa1701633832@ofni1701633832.

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Happy Holidays

The Local office will be closed from December 19 to January 2nd. Emails will be checked periodically.

On behalf of your local executive team, please accept our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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ETFO Celebrates World Teachers’ Day

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) joins people around the globe in recognizing and celebrating teachers for their outstanding commitment to the development, success, and well-being of students.

“World Teachers’ Day provides a reminder that teachers play an instrumental role in a child’s growth and development. By engaging students and providing them with an equitable, high-quality education, they make a difference every day,” says ETFO President Karen Brown. “Their efforts to create conditions for success in the classroom should be acknowledged and celebrated today and every day.”

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Truth and Reconciliation Week

Truth and Reconciliation Week is a time to learn, reflect, and honour the survivors of the residential school system, their families, and communities. Let us remember every day that advancing reconciliation is not possible without education.

To further learning opportunities, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation is offering age-appropriate resources for students in grades 1 through 12.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has also unveiled a cyber version of the Witness Blanket to be used in classrooms of all levels. We encourage you to bear witness and share this learning in your classroom; visit to learn more.

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