Will I undergo an LTO Evaluation?

Members in their first LTO assignment of four months or longer are to undergo an evaluation.  Click here to view the evaluation template that will be used.  Once you have a successful OT Evaluation, you do not need, and should not have, another.  If an administrator requests you have another, please state that you have already had one.  If they insist you have another, this is a red flag and you should inform the Local.

Do I attend staff meetings?

If you are in a full-time LTO assignment, you are expected to attend staff meetings.

If you are in a part-time LTO assignment, you only have to attend staff meetings if they fall immediately before or after your teaching time.  If staff meetings are Wednesday afternoon but you only teach mornings, or you only teach Tuesdays, you are not expected to attend.  You may choose to attend (e.g., if you are organizing a school event and need to provide details), but you are not required to be there.  You should, however, be sure to catch up on anything missed.

Do I attend Professional Development days?

Yes.  If a PD days falls in the midst of an LTO assignment, the LTO teacher participates and is paid for the day.  LTO teachers who are in partial-FTE assignments are invited to attend and be paid for full PD days.

What should my schedule be?

Your schedule should be the same as the teacher you are replacing.  A full-time LTO teacher has a schedule that includes a minimum of 240 minutes of prep and a maximum of 80 minutes of supervision over a five-day cycle.

For part-time LTO teachers, the numbers above are prorated.  For example, if you have a 0.7 LTO assignment, you would get 168 minutes for prep, minimum (240 x 0.7), and 56 minutes of supervision, maximum (80 x 0.7).

If you take part of another teacher’s schedule and the prep time or supervision time is unevenly distributed, either has a right to request the timetables be altered so that each has the appropriate amount.

Do I need to update Easy Connect with my availability?

Yes, you are responsible for indicating the days you cannot take Daily OT work in Easy Connect.  Failing to do this will result in Easy Connect attempting to contact you repeatedly.  If you have recently taken an LTO assignment, also be sure to cancel any assignments that you have booked in advance which you can no longer fulfill.

Do I get paid sick leave?

Yes. A member in a full-year LTO assignment is entitled to 11 sick days at 100% pay, and 120 sick days at 90% of pay. A member in a part-time LTO is entitled to sick leave on a prorated basis.

For example, if you’re in a 0.6 LTO for 90 days, you would be entitled to 11 X 0.6 X 90/194 = 3.06 sick days at 100% salary and 120 X 0.6 X 90/194 = 33.40 days at 90% salary. (194 is the number of teaching days in a school year.)

You may use sick leave to attend personal medical appointments.