What does the plan cover?

For a benefits-at-a-glance summary, please click here (updated October 2023).  Once you are enrolled in the plan, you can log into OTIP’s secure member website to download a ETFO benefits guide with more detail.

Is enrolling in the ETFO benefit plan mandatory?

The plan is mandatory for those in eligible full-time assignments, with no premium share.  Members in eligible part-time assignments may voluntarily opt in to health and/or dental benefits, but will be required to pay premiums on a prorated basis (e.g., if you were in a 60% assignment, you would pay a 40% share of the premium for health/dental).

How and when will I be contacted?

Once you are eligible, you will receive an enrollment email from OTIP to your Board email address.  This can take up to 4 weeks from the start of your eligibility. Save your receipts as you will be able to retroactively claim eligible expenses back to the start date of your LTO assignment.

Am I eligible?

Occasional Teachers who are currently in an LTO assignment of greater than 90 calendar days (and those in LTO assignments which reach this threshold) will be invited to enroll in the ETFO benefit plan.  Save your receipts because you can submit retroactively.

Benefits for daily occasional teachers are not available through the ETFO benefit plan; however, OTIP offers group benefits separately for occasional employees.  Visit OTIP – Occasional Employees Insurance for more information.