What is QECO and why should I care?

The Qualifications Evaluations Council of Ontario (QECO) evaluates your salary category placement based on academic criteria, providing you with a Statement of Evaluation that must be submitted to the Board.  If you are in an LTO assignment, it is imperative that the Board has a current QECO statement to ensure you are paid appropriately.

You have five (5) months from the start date of your LTO assignment to provide the Board with a QECO Statement of Evaluation that would make you eligible for a higher salary retroactive to the beginning of the assignment.

If you are not yet at Category A4, QECO encourages you to formally apply for upgrading advice or re-evalutation on a yearly basis to ensure that you are on the most expedient route to a higher category.

The application for a QECO evaluation is fully electronic.  Please note that QECO does not provide documents (e.g., Statements of Evaluation) through Canada Post; instead, you must log on to your QECO account and print your documents to provide to the Board.