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National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is an opportunity for us to reflect, become educated and take action to address past and current injustices against Indigenous Peoples, while centring Survivors, their descendants and those who never made it home. It is a day to mourn the loss of the children whose bodies were recovered this year, those still to come home, and all those affected by both the direct and intergenerational impact of residential schools.

If you are teaching on September 30, we encourage you to wear orange and to allocate a portion of the day to age-appropriate opportunities for learning and reflection about Truth and Reconciliation.  The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) has a page dedicated to teaching resources which we recommend.  Whatever activities you decide to undertake, this day will be an important opportunity for all students to reflect on the history of Residential Schools and to honour the lives lost.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Indigenous Education.